Welcome to Pyramind Online. We have developed our online school to fit the needs of any and all who are looking to learn how to produce their own original music. By enrolling in Pyramind Online you will have 24/7 access to pre-recorded content as well direct contact with one of our highly skilled mentors.

Once you’ve enrolled in one of our programs you will gain access to your content straight away. You are welcome to either A) go through the pre-recorded content at your own pace or B) set a structured schedule for yourself. You will have a full year to go through the content and remember, you can always go back to review which is highly encouraged!

Along the way there will be certain checkpoints where we recommend scheduling your One-on-One mentorship sessions. We encourage students to schedule these once they have projects up and running so they can be as fruitful as possible.  

The mentorship sessions are conducted through Zoom which allows for your mentor to enable remote desktop, to share their screens, and to listen to your music. It’s as if they are sitting in the room with you!

Remember, our staff is always here for you so if you ever have questions about the course content, booking mentorship sessions, or just want to talk music, you can call or send us an e-mail and we will respond quickly!


Q: Can I access the content on both a desktop and a mobile device?

A: Yes! Our content is hosted on a platform that will allow for 24/7 access on any desktop or mobile device

Q: I’m interested in a specific style of music. Can I choose my mentor?

A: Absolutely. While we recommend learning how to become a well rounded musician who can create any style of music, we know that some people are looking to finish projects or have an exact style in mind. This is why we have allowed for you to choose your mentors throughout the program.  

Don’t know who to choose? No worries, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or schedule a video chat with us HERE and we would be delighted to recommend someone for you!

Q: How long do I have access to my content?

A: You will have a full year to get through the class content. From there you will have another year of access for review!

Q: I don’t have Ableton Live, can I purchase it at a discount through Pyramind?

A: Yes! If you sign up for our Pyramind Music Producer Program you will be eligible for up to a 40% discount off of Ableton Live.

Q: Even though I’m learning online, I’d still like to meet other like-minded people. Is that possible?

A: Indeed it is! Pyramind prides itself on cultivating a strong community and network all over the world. Our ground campus students become family with us and we strive to do the same thing with our online students as well.  

We offer various ways to stay in touch including, video chats, Discord chats, community events (in San Francisco), and online listening sessions with students from all over the world.